Just Alicia

Mayweather vs. Canelo

By: Just Alicia

On Saturday there was a boxing match with Mayweather and Canelo. Some people wanted Mayweather to win while some wanted Canelo to win. There was betting with families and friends that were watching that Mayweather was going to win and Canelo was going to lose while some thought the other way around. It took place in Las Vegas there was suspense to see will win as the results came in Mayweather won there was cheering and celebration in the crowds but, there was also unhappy people in the crowd. They were both honored to go verses eachother even though one of them lost.

Mexican Independence Day

Mexican Independence day was celebrated at New Tech High school. The Mexican and American Flag both flew together in front of the high school. At the school celebration there was Mexican pastries, beans, rice,carneasada, and chicken. For entertainment there was ballet folklorico singing. It showed that it's okay to be Mexican in an American community.


Something that has been bothering me is new phones coming out every single year. There is always that pressure that you have to buy it, to be cool. After you buy the phone it automatically becomes old since other phones come out. Like the new iPhone 5c coming out your phone that you have old. You don't have to buy a new phone the one you have is okay if later on you want to buy go then. So new phones is what has been bothering me.


Monday: 81 degrees

Tuesday: 77 degrees

Wednesday: 75 degrees

Thursday: 78 degrees

Friday:79 degrees

The Beatles New Release by Just Alicia

The Beatles new album will be released in the U.K. with 40 performances that BBC radio has recorded. The BBC Radio 2's very own Brian Matthew will be heard talking to The Beatles, it been said that the session will be released on November 11th. This will be the first time anybody will hear The Beatles sing covers and different versions of songs. The new album will include 40 performances and chatter recorded by BBC U.K..

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