My Stem project with
Matt Gill and Justin Pace

My Rube Goldberg Machine

For my stem project I chose the rube goldberg machine.

I chose this project because when i did i the first time it was really fun and challenging.

I wanted to learn how to learn how to build a machine that can do things for me.

I wanted to do this in the first place because I like being creative and working with my friends.

Intro research

I looked up some info on some really cool machines and good ideas for the machine.

Introduction Research

I looked at pictures and some videos I also drew a picture.  

Questions Answered

Today we planed on how we are going to set it up, We forgot to bring in materials to start.

Building The project

We could no build because we did not bring in stuff, I needed to be caught  up because I was not here.

What i'm finding out while doing my project

I am learning about the simple machines like pulleys.

New Questions and information

We have a zip line that is really tight to the pulley goes fast. The pulley hits the the wood and the a ball falls. We are not sure how to get the ball.

Technical parts of my project

We start on a string on a wall. It has a pulley with a cup on it to hit a ball or piece of wood  to make  it fall over.

tech stuff, part 2

After the ball falls over it hits a cup of marbles and makes it fall over. The marbles roll into a bucket in the sink. We are still lining stuff up.

The next step

The next step is to make the project with more steps.

The new step #2

We can put in like a marble that roles into the steps or something like that.

Next step

We are joining nick m's group. We are also working on connecting are projects.

Did it work

Yes are project did work because we accomplished are main objectives.  

It worked

Are projects successfully worked 3 times in a row.  


My project worked out great we joined with another group and made it work. I learned that rube Goldberg machines can be very useful and fun to do. This project I would not pursue as a job maybe a hobby because it was fun bet not fun enough to do as a job. I would not have picked a different project because this one you got work in a group and with your friends and also because it was fun to make the machine.

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Great Job!!!!!!

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keep going