Folic Acid

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Chemical formula for Folic acid: C19H19N7O6

CAS#: 59-30-3

Alternative name: Vitamin B9

Chemical Equation: H3C+ OH-> O

Folic acid has many uses, you can take Folic acid when pregnant  Folic Acid can also be found in children food, such as gold fish and cheese-itz.

There is no danger of taking too much Folic acid, it is completely safe and harmless to a being. But it is flamable

Folic acid is actually very safe to humans and environment. Although it is toxic to animals.

5 Chemical properties of Folic Acid-

Compound ID: 6037

Molecular Weight: 441.39746

Molecular Formula: C19H19N7O6XLogP3-AA: -1.1H

Bond Donor: 6H

-Bond Acceptor (lone electron):9  

Properties of Folic Acid:


Gives a daily dose of vitamin B

Supports immune system, Keeps cells healthy

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