College and Career
8th Period English 1
Ebony Rogers
Crime Scene Investigator
@ Texas A&M

      I chose Texas A&M because they have a program in Forensic and Investigation Sciences which I am looking to do in the future because I want to pursue a career as a CSI Agent. That degree is the only bachelor’s degree in the state of Texas that is nationally accredited by the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC).

     Texas A&M opened in 1876 as Texas' first public institution of higher learning. Texas A&M is a university known for its rich traditions and rich history and is among the nation's largest universities with a current student body of more than 50,000 and a physical campus of more than 5,200 acres. The official mascot of Texas A&M is a collie named Reveille, also known as the First Lady of  Aggieland. The school colors are maroon and white, and their current president is Dr. Mark A. Hussey.

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College Application

Admission Requirements

  1. Application.
  2. Essay's.
  3. $75 Processing Fee.
  4. Official High School Transcript with a numeric class rank and graduation plan.
  5. Official SAT or ACT Scores.

Campus life

Student Organizations play an important role in campus life at Texas A&M.There are over 800 organizations such as the Aggie Forensic Investigative Science Organization which is one I would look forward to joining. There are many more organizations that fit your interest. Texas A&M has student activities such as Sports, Academics, Aggie Spirit such as traditions, The Memorial Student Center, and Campus Services.

My career Path

      I want to become a Crime Scene Investigator because watching shows like Criminal Minds and CSI really got me hooked. After watching multiple shows i did some research and found what they do pretty fascinating and would be something i would enjoy doing.

      After I graduate from high school I want to go to Texas A&M and study Forensic and Investigation Scientists or Criminal Justice. With my degree in either one and lots of training I can become  a CSI agent also known as a Crime Scene Investigator.

Visuals of career

About CsI Agents

    The goals and objectives of the Crime Scene Investigations units are to examine the crime scene, and to collect as much evidence and information as they can.

     CSI Agents earn a median annual salary of $94,800 if they work for a federal governmental agency, If a CSI Agent works for a local government they make $55,950 a year, and ones who work for state governments earn $51,100.  

Crime Scene Investigators need a degree in a natural science, such as biology or chemistry, or in forensic science or a degree in either criminal justice but this is a longer process.

Further Information

Letter of Intent

Ebony Rogers

El Paso, TX, 79938


May 14, 2015

Ebony Rogers

Bahama Buck's

436 E Redd Road, Suite 105

El Paso, TX, 79912

Dear to whom it may concern,

I am responding to the employment opportunity listed on your website. Please accept this letter and accompanying resume as evidence of my interest in applying for this job. I feel I am a great team worker and work well with others such as a team. I believe my team working skills would prove to be an asset for your organization. I am looking for an honored job that will add experience to my building career. Some of my key strengths that I would bring to the position would be that I’m very willing and eager to learn new thing. I am confident that these qualities make me an excellent candidate for this position.

I would appreciate your consideration of my credentials, and I welcome the chance to meet with you to hear more about your company, the requirements of the position, and how my skills would be a good fit.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Ebony Rogers


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