Greg Myers

above is just some of the things i get to do. i like games online and i help my mom who is a wildlife rehabber. I hope to be one day she is currently training me also. my mom we have 10 white doves and 1 robin , yes she was a rescue also. we tried to let her go and she flew back in the house and refused to leave so guess what lol!. My dad is currently fighting cancer . i like to help my mom cook . i used to go to a ranch and get to ride horses everyday till things got tough here , my moms bfriend owns a ranch and my mom helped her. and in return we got to call 5 horses ours for as long as we were on that ranch and my mom helped run it. my mom trained and taught and broke horses.  i currently dont have pics on this computer of the horses but i hope to have some posted soon. if you want to know anything about me just ask. i am a open book. hope to make some new friends this year and talk to everyone soon, i also hope for a great year and make honor roll all year again and have perfect attendence again this year.

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