Copyright and Digital Citizenship


This is a battle game between two teams.  

Object: The first team to have all students standing AND to answer the last question correctly wins.

Rules of Play:

  1.  Anyone who is standing may answer as soon as they have it.

  2.  ONLY the people who are standing may speak.  Teams with people talking out of turn automatically forfeit that round.

  3.  Once a student answers incorrectly, they MAY NOT answer again. 

How to Play:

  1.  Split the class in half to form two teams.  You could have them stay at their seats, or make two lines facing each other.

  2.  The first question is asked.  Here is an example of how the game might go:

  Team A gets the first question correct.  Team B sits.  The next person from each   team stands, making it now two against one for Team A.  Let’s say Team A gets the   second question correct as well.  Team B sits, and the next person from each team   stands, making it three against one.  BUT, let’s say that Team B gets the next     question correct.  ALL of Team A must sit down.  Now it will be two against one in   Team B’s favor!

"Make sure you are PC with your DC!"

What can you do to protect your privacy online?

Now, think about can we promote digital citizenship here?  Add to the googledoc to share your ideas.


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