Your trip to Alaska and Hawaii

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Our budget is 101,500. After flights, it will be 38,976. After hotels, 35,322.

Our starting point in your trip will be Juneau, Alaska. We'll be landing, then moving over to Juneau Area Hotel where we will stay for a night before going to our campgrounds.

We'll be doing other sports such as canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. We may even be able to go dog sledding!

Our six days in Alaska will consist of:

Day one.

  • We'll get up and get ready, eating breakfast in the hotel. Then we'll be going to the Alaskan state museum, spending the beginning of the day there. We'll eat lunch and stay along Gold Creek, skipping rocks and fishing.

Day two.

  • We'll be readying up for our camping, getting everything where it needs to be before heading out to Nugget falls, then we will head over to the Dog Sledding Lodge and riding along with dogs! Then we'll go to the camp grounds and set up!

Day three.

  • We'll be getting up and settled a bit more, exploring and hiking. We'll head to the nature trail, walking up to the lake where we'll canoe. Then we'll go down to the campgrounds and sit around the fire.

Day four.

  • This is going to be our calmer day. Those who want to hike and explore more will go with two adults to go around and do that, while those who wish to stay at the camp will either relax or do art activities such as wood carving.

Day five

  • And back in action we go. We'll be cleaning our things and going on another hike on a different trail, going fishing.

Day six

  • This is the day we'll be packing up, and driving out. We'll go to Pioneer amusement park for our last day. After we spend the day there, we'll gather our things and head to the airport where we'll get on our flight to Hawaii.

After we stay two nights at the hotel, we're going to go to the campgrounds. We'll be staying in the camp site for four nights. After our camping, we'll get on the plane to Hawaii!


We'll be landing in Honolulu, Hawaii. Staying for two nights at our hotel Central Waikiki, before four nights of camping.

Day one.

  • We'll be staying at the hotel Central Waikiki, signing in and getting set up before fixing up the plans for the other days we're there.

Day two.

  • We'll be going to the sea side, having a day at the beach while we get snorkeling instructions and get to snorkel a bit. We'll be going to a restaurant afterwords then returning to the hotel.

Day three.

  • We'll get our things together and go out to the campsite that we're staying at in Hawaii. We'll fix up our site before going to the nearby waters and getting a list of what the students would like to do at the campsite.

Day four.

  • We'll be getting up to do a series of activities such as art activities such as pottery, archery, and canoeing.  We'll finish up our activities and go on a hike, possibly building a stick fort before returning to the camp for stories around the fire and eating s'mores.

Day five.

  • This will be our day to take the suggestions from our first day in Hawaii. We will have arranged the events prior to today and we'll

Day six.

  • This day we'll be going swimming in the ocean some more, we'll have a beach day and then have a luau on the beach before returning to the camp, collecting up our things and staying the night before waking up to get on the plane home.

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