Juok the Creator

Presentation Creators: Jessie Walters, Kamone Hyman, Jeremy Easterling, Elizabeth Martin

  • The painting has no faces to symbolize the creator being desensitized to the creation that they are making
  • Creator being in a different color because he is more extravagant or important than the creation that has been created. People being brown or black, neutral colors while Juok is different colors.
  • All of the colors of Juok the creator are the same as the colors of the earth. The earth made from the same substance as Juok
  • Cultural values that would be important to the this culture would be the all powerful, everything that he says goes because of the sheer size of him in the painting. Also Juok being above the people, showing control over the people and nature itself.
  • The universe appears unfinished


This painting is from East African myth. Juok the Creator was the creator-god of the Shilluk and Neur people. He molded humans out of clay, creating black people from the dark colored banks of the Nile, brown or red people from the mud of Egypt, and white people from the white earth and soil from northern countries. He traveled the world looking for these materials to make people out of.

Second Look

  • Caring quite a lot about creation because of the work that he put into finding the right materials he thought would suit humanity best.
  • Making the people out of clay to become mold-able.
  • The clay was given from Juok so that he is the only one that can change them.

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