Dylan Schroeder S&E Marketing Final

Movie Poster

The Dark Knight movie poster draws the attention of a viewer, obviously. It has bold and shocking images. Standing in the middle of this dark and surprising image of down town Gotham is a grown man dressed as the Batman. From his armor to his scowl he has across his face, you can tell that this bat is a butt kicker for this city. With his image burned and pressed into the large demolished building behind this epic hero, you can tell that this guy wants to fight for his home land. This movie makes you want to go see it because the images the poster presents leave a viewer curious as to why some of these images appear as they do. The large bold text that states "Welcome to a World without rules" shows that this movie is going to be very action packed. The batman has traditionally been a very popular super hero from the past whether it was cartoons, comic books, previous movies, or apparel. The fact that the poster has two large batman symbols just shows that it was a well put together film.

Movie Trailer

In the trailer for "Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon" it does a great job promoting the movie. It is the third movie in this trilogy. By this point everybody kind of understands what the movies are about. They tease the plot line very well because in the beginning of the trailer it shows a bunch of rockets and transformers coming out of the moon and Optimus Prime says, "Everything humans know of our planet we were told has been shared, and you lied to us. You've made a great mistake." After that the Decepticons move into Earth and show that they are starting to take over. A general feel for the movie is easy to obtain because the clips show a very good job of how many special effects the film uses along with so many action packed scenes. With all of the fighting that goes on in the trailer and multiple actors saying lines of how "It is over" and that there is nothing they can do to save the planet, it shows that the general audience that will want to see this is for younger audiences that love action packed thrillers. With a dramatic scene that show the main actor fighting to save the life of his girl it is easy to understand how the movie may end. I think the climax of the movie (according to the trailer) is when the Decepticons are being shipped onto earth and you see young Sam Witwicky running around the city and fighting for his planet, and Optimus says to him, "You may lose your faith in us but never in yourselves, from here the fight will be your own." If you follow this movie series you would want to see this movie really bad. The trailer does a great job of teasing this movie before it came out. I have seen the movie since it came out and it is a really good film. The trailer is exactly on point to what the movie is.

What should you merchandise?

You can tell by looking at this movie poster of "Rio 2" that it is an animation. This is obviously some sort of adventure comedy for little kids. This is a good example of a movie you would want to sell merchandise for. Little kids would love to buy action figures, toys, stuffed animals, t shirts, and the movies print on basically everything you can imagine. This movie would be simple to create merchandise for because if kids like it they will want it. The movie comes out April 11, 2014. That gives the kids plenty of time to see advertisements and commercials for Rio 2 to get excited.

What Shouldn't You Merchandise?

The movie "300 Rise of the Empire" is coming out in March of 2014. It is an action, drama, and war movie. A Greek warrior leads his army Vs. Persian enforcers. This would be a bad choice for merchandise because it wouldn't be very popular. Can't remember the last time i saw merchandise for a very vulgar movie. Most of the time you don't see people walking about with or using merchandise from nasty movies like this one "300". The audience is more towards adults. Most adults enjoy a movie for the actual film not because of a specific character or scene like kids remember.

"Artifact" Reaction

I can't believe some of the things i saw and heard in the movie we watched "Artifact". I wasn't aware that a music artist or band could get screwed by their own record label so much. It is crazy how much money it takes to market an album, band, tour, songs, etc. If i was an artist I'm not sure that i would want to sign with a major record. It isn't a bad idea to do what 30 Seconds to Mars did and be independent. They made a lot of money and paid back what they owed to their old label. I think the only reason artists sign to a major label is for the recognition they can get. You have an opportunity to become one of the best artists in your genre if you sign to one of the top labels. It is similar to basketball how if you get a division one scholarship you might want to sign with a team that gives you the best chance to win a national championship. You wouldn't want to sign with a bad school or bad label that gives you little chance to be successful. That is why it is so tough to be independent. You can make it big, but the chances are a lot smaller. If i was to sign to a label i would make sure in the contract that I can't be sued by my own label. That is ridiculous! I would have to make sure that at any time i didn't feel comfortable i could drop out of the label without any extra strings attached. Any music i make would belong to me not the label. In the movie "Artifact" they try to cut string with their label, but they cant because their contract goes until the end of the year so any music they make anywhere or in the documentary is technically not owned by the actual band it is owned by the label. I think only some new artists know that the deals the get into are really dangerous. If all of them knew how dangerous some labels were, i don't think they would get into these deals. If i was 30 seconds to Mars i would NOT want to still be with a label that tried to sue me for 30 MILLION! i would continue to be independent and making music, that is how they made the most money anyways, well and off their documentary.

Amusement/Theme Parks

If i owned a amusement/theme park i have a few ideas i could do to raise some additional money. First off you would have to buy a pass to get in. The pass would be set at maybe $25 for adults and $15 for 12 and under. Once you are in you would have to buy ride tickets and after you buy X amount of tickets then you ride all the rides for free the rest of your stay. Another idea i have is you can buy an opening ticket for $30 and you have a small chance to win a free all day ride pass. That is an an easy way to get an extra $5 out of some customers. One of my other ideas is you have is on the most expensive rides for every 5 tickets you buy you get an extra ticket free for a different ride. A promotional idea is if it is your birthday you get half off and your party you're with gets half off as well. A different promotional idea is if you're one of the first 100 in line the opening day that season you get a season pass half off as well. If you come for over 50 hours during the season you get a free season pass for the following season. That would be a good idea because you get more than your moneys worth out of people and if they spend 50 hours out of one summer at your amusement park, they likely won't get that much time out of a season pass the followig year.

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