Self-Reflection Samuel Schruin

A Brief Summary of my Career Assessments

My Career Cluster Areas

My Top Matching Career Areas Included: Teaching and Administration, Architecture and Construction, and Human Services.

Education and Training: Education and Training workers, seem to guide and help people. Teacher is an example of a job in this category, a teacher has the opportunity to influence young lives. You could also be a counselor, librarian, or principal, train employees and help people learn and make improvements to their lives.

Architecture and Construction: Architecture and Construction workers are responsible for construction work like buildings, highways, and bridges. They plan to build these structures. They also are responsible for repairing structures that already exist.

Human Services: Human service workers work with individuals as well as families to fulfill their needs. They love to work and help people as well.

My Key Interest Areas- SER

My Key interest areas include: Social, Enterprising, and Realistic.

S- Social People like activities which involve assisting others and they take an interest into promoting learning development.

Social people love to interact with people and encourage them to develop their learning skills. Some personality traits of someone who is social is that their extra-version,agreeable, and they are very open to experience. Social people are also good at operating things, they prefer to communicate more with objects or machines, but love to teach, give advise and overall help people.

E- Enterprising people are persuaders, these type of people are the leaders, they also try to influence people, persuade people and perform deeds.

Some personality traits of Enterprising people are that they are adventurous, talkative, and enthusiastic. Since enterprising people are leaders they like to make decisions that seem to affect others, and they like to work as leaders wherever they work. Things that these people are good at involve selling things, and managing people. Enterprising people may enjoy being a politician or being in charge of their own business.

R- Realistic are considered doers, these type of people are exceptionally good at jobs that involve machines, plants, or tools, anything they could do with their hands.

Realistic people are practical, persistent, and curious. One thing that they're good at is solving problems. Instead of working with people they would rather work with machines, tools, and plants(outdoor things). They love to work with their hands, building things, or fixing things, they enjoy sports as well. Being physically active is something they enjoy as well, as well they like being outdoors with things that they do.

Careers I would consider Include:

1. High School Teacher

2. Middle School Teacher

3.  Guidance Counselor

My Personality Traits

My Personality Traits Include: ISTJ

Introvert-Prefers solitary activities to interacting with large groups of people, would rather work through feelings.

Sensing- pay attention to physical reality, they're concerned with what is actual and what is present and what is current. . They remember facts and details that mean something to them.

Thinking- thinking people are often objective, and they revolve that around facts. Instead of making decisions based on their heart they make decisions based on their head. They can jedge situations as well as others, just based on logic.

Judging- Judgers, approach life in a specific way, structure, and organized. They take charge of their enviroment and they often make their decisions early. Descriptions: self-disciplined, decisive, specific, experts. Another thing about judgers is that they seek closer in decisions.

My Strongest Skill Areas

My Strongest Skill Areas include: Dependability, working with the public, Stress Tolerance, Directing/Leading,  and Decision Making.

Careers I would consider include: High School Teacher, Construction manager, Business manager, Physicist and Middle School Teacher.

My Work Value Locator

My Most Important Work Value Locator include:  Recognition and Working Conditions, Recognition, Working Conditions, Relationships and Achievement.

Careers I would consider include: Physicist, lawyer, chemical Engineer, Police and Detective Supervisors, Carpenters, Construction and well drillers.

What I Learned About Myself

By completing the assessments I learned the following about myself: I learned that I'm a introvert, which Is surprising considering I like to talk to people and I like to socialize sometimes with people that I don't know which is the opposite of what the definition of a introvert is. I also learned that I seem to be a leader considering my results. Teaching is a main interest that I had before I took all of these assessments and some of them came out that education would be something that I'd like, and it helps point me in the direction I would like to do. My future dreams and goals are reflected in some of the assessments, and it really helps me when it comes to the traits I need to have in my profession that I desire.

'Begin with the end in mind'

" "Today I will do what others won't, so tomorrow I can do what others can't."

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