by:jevon and allison

Cuba is the largest  island in the Caribbean sea. Cuba and its neighbors from the greater Antilles a chain of island create million of years ago when two of earth tectonic plates collided.


the summer in Cuba is from JUNE to AUGUST .this is the hottest month and some people find the heats quite intense .the temperature rise up to 38 celcuis eastern side of the island the hurricane season is from JULY to NOVEMBER with September to October being the month with the highest probability of cyclone activity. there is a average more rain  .the powdery sand of varadero are as seductive as  as the soft lapping of the channel wave.

                                        THE TYPE OF FOOD THEY EAT

Cubans eat diffrent types of food. they also eat the same food we americans eat. they eat Cuba cuisines with rice and ect. in it. they also eat pumpkin with beans and rice .

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