Empire News

Jonathan James

Empire News is a satirical website that has exaggerations of fake issues that could seem true, but are made up. It has many different categories from sports to political which are mostly created to make you laugh.

Congress talks about abolishing age of consent completely in the country

This news event is a political proportion of the Empire News. This event talks about how a family has struggles with there son, age 17 was arrested for "sexual assault" on his girlfriend of six years who is 16. The parents of the girlfriend freaked out about them having sex all of a sudden and got the boy arrested and jailed. The mom of the son even talked to both of them about there sexual activities and it was both consensual. This article is satirical by pointing a finger at the kids that are way to young for intercourse and they are still having it as they please some even have sex with men or women that are years past there age. This has extreme exaggeration and hyperbole by talking about an 11 year old girl and a sweet-talking 40 year old man hooking up and this has actual credibility because there is a major issue in the United States that men and woman are hooking up with kids, yes i said kids because these men and woman are around 20 and over and the kids are around 12 to 17.

Man has to have glass bong slide removed from his urethra. He was open about the situation saying people do a lot of stuff behind closed doors i just want to warn people of the dangers if they ever considered doing this. This is an exaggeration because it talks about  something ridiculous, but this could actually happen to a human being. The guy did this when he was High, and he actually felt like he was talking about a legitimate issue.

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