Why I Love UD Greek Life and
Chi Omega

Chi Omega Bid Day 2013

When Finding Friends Becomes Finding Sisters

Bid Day 2013: I was standing in a room of the house with over 100 complete strangers. Pretty scary right? Well not so much. Standing in that room with my new "sisters", I already felt a connection, a bond, with girls I barely knew. I would have never of guessed how strong that bond would grow over the short year we have all already had together. Greek life at UD and Chi Omega has given me a chance to meet so many new people, including my very best friend. I now have a group of fantastic girls who will always be there for me if I need them.

Greek Life Gives Back

Joining Greek Life at UD has allowed myself to gain more focus on giving back to others. Each Greek organization has their own philanthropy, in which they throw events and fundraisers in order to gain money and benefit those in need. Chi Omega's philanthropy is the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Each year we raise money to go towards this foundation, and just last year we granted a wish to a little girl in order for her to go to Disney World with her family. Our main philanthropy event is a Chi Omega Cornhole, but we don't just stop giving back there. Each semester we participate in multiple service events, including making bagged lunches for the local homeless shelter, visiting a nursing home, and more. Through Greek Life, you can participate in other Greek Orangization's philanthropic events too, such as Pi Kappa Alpha's Powderpuff football tournament. During Greek Week, every Greek Organization contributed to a can donation drive to St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry. They received almost 12,000 cans, breaking their donation record.

A [Little] Family Can Make A [Big] Difference

Within Chi Omega, each sister belongs to a a family. I am lucky enough to have both a "big" and a "grand-big" sister, and soon to be "little". My big and grand-big are truly the sisters I never had (considering I grew up having three older brothers). They have guided me not only through my life in Chi Omega, but have helped me in other ways too. If I ever need anything at all, I know my family will be there for me in a heartbeat.

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