To Build a Fire

The story "To Build a Fire" describe how a man tries building a fire to keep worm in seventy degrees Fahrenheit below zero. Two lessons the author wanted the reader to learn from the book are to never hike alone, because if you are hiking alone, you might get you hands frozen and it would be hard to start a fire and not get hypothermia like in the book when it said "If he had only had a trailmate he would have been in no danger now." This explains that he could have survived if he had some with him, providing moral support and movable hands. The second lesson is to always be prepared for the worst because as it said in the book "Undoubtedly it was colder than fifty below-how much colder he did not know. But the temperature did not matter" which meant he was prepared for fifty degrees Fahrenheit below zero but in reality it was seventy degrees Fahrenheit below zero.

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