Energy Webquest

Malik Bryant


1. One 42-gallon barrel of oil creates 19.4 gallons of gasoline. The rest (over half) is used to make things like solvents, diesel fuel, & motor oil.

2. There are 247,264,605 vehicles on the road now.

3. There are 318,018,748 people in the world right now as of May 16, 2014. There are 7,166,362,500 as of May 16, 2014. The percentage is 4.44 percent that live in the U.S.

4. 86,152 barrels of crude oil was produced daily in 2012.

5. 18,555 barrels of crude oil was consumed daily in the U.S. in 2012.

6. It was 9.6% of the total production.

7. The U.S. is home to 4.44% of the world's population, yet consumes 9.6% of the world's crude oil.

8. 89,774 barrels of crude oil was consumed in total in 2012.

9. 4118.9 tons of barrels of crude oil consumed globally for 2012.

10. Global proved oil reserves at the end of 2012 reached 1668.9 tons of barrels.

11. It would stay the same for many years.

12. It happened during the 1960's.

13. It peaked during the 1970's.

14. It was about 40% in 2012.

15. It could be contaminated while being imported, or since it's extremely flammable, it can blow up, if it's not in safe care.

16. When a disruption in commercial oil supplies threaten the U.S. economy.


18. Yes

19. Oil is a nonrenewable resource. Peak oil is when oil extraction rates max out and begin to decline. After, it means the demand will increase. 85 million barrels are used everyday. 44% is made into gasoline. 35% into other fuels and the rest is for asphalt, food coatings, chemicals and farming.

20. We should conserve our energy, by Energy effects our environment in almost every way. Energy gives us the ability to do many different things. We use energy to light our homes, warm our water, cook our food, charge your electronics, and so much more.

Obama should give us suggestions on how to save electricity. You could make suggestions like to set your home’s thermostat a few degrees lower. Turn off lights and all electronics when you leave a room.

It helps when you conserve energy, so you won't to have to spend all that money. You won't have to spend most of your money, but save so you can do other stuff. Like pay your bills or do what you want to do.