Manawatu Gorge Walk

For inquiry our class did the Manawatu gorge walk we saw many different things as we did the track.

The Trip

The trip up was not as long as I thought it was going to be but it was probably because there was lots of talking. It took a couple of hours to get to the gorge.

The Track

The track was either vertically up or vertically down but on the side of the track there were heaps of native trees and plants. There were also lots of scenic views and lookouts also which were good stopping points.   

Nikau Palms

On the side of the track there were some nikau palms.

The Slip

The slip was huge and really looked like it did some damage no wonder a year to clean up and stabilise. It was incredible seeing it from the top and looking down the hillside.  


We knew the windmills were there before even saw them you could hear the loud noise from miles away. They looked huge up close compared to the small poles you see when you go through the gorge.  

It took us over two hours but in the end we made it to the bridge on the other side. It was a long and windy day so we were all pretty tired.  

The Manawatu gorge walk was a good scenic track. We saw heaps of plants and trees. The two hours of walking was well worth it.