The Guide of Addictions

An addiction is something that you have to do all the time. The most common addictions are drug and alcohol. Addictions can harm self health because using drugs that have nicotine and drinking alcohol can harm your bodies organs . Excercising  too much can cause an injury or other health problems. Starving yourself can cause malnutrition and death. An addiction can jeopardize safety and harm relationships by making you unstable and always wanting to do what ever you're addicted to.  

A drug addiction is the compelling desire to use drugs even though they are harmful to your body, mind, and relationships. People with drug addictions feel the need to drink alcohol or use other drugs when they are anxious, bored, frustrated, lonely, or depressed. They also drink and do drugs to avoid facing problems.

An exercise addiction is the compelling desire to exercise. People with an exercise addiction make it their main priority to exercise. They exercise to relieve tension and to feel in control in their lives. They put exercise above anything and everything in their lives.  

A gambling addiction is the compelling need to gamble all of the time. A gambling addiction is not just about casinos gambling also has to do with lotteries and sporting events. People with gambling addictions are usually bored and relentless. They get a "high" off of gambling.

A nicotine addiction is the compelling desire for nicotine. Nicotine is a stimulant drug found in tobacco products, including cigarettes and chewing tobacco. People who are addicted to nicotine may form their schedule around smoking or chewing tobacco.   

Perfectionism is the compelling desire to be perfect all of the time, or in other words flawless. Perfectionist are very critical over themselves and of others. Some people might say nothing is ever good enough for them. Perfectionism in the result of feeling inadequate or insecure. Some teens that are perfectionist are like that because their parents had unrealistic expectations for them as a child.

A relationship addiction is the compelling desire to be connected to someone in a relationship. People with relationship addictions would use relationships like other people would use drugs.

A shopping addiction is the compelling desire to purchase things. People with a shopping addiction may describe themselves as "born to shop" and may "shop til' they drop". These type of people are insecure and shopping is a quick fix for depressed feelings.

A television addiction is the compelling desire to watch television. A computer addiction is the compelling desire to be on the computer all of the time. People with these addictions plan their schedules around television and computers.

A thrill-seeking addiction is the compelling desire to take unnecessary risks. People with this addiction enjoy scary situations, and are willing to take dangerous dares. When they are in a scary situation their brain makes a biochemical that makes the situation pleasurable.   

Workaholism is the compelling desire to work to fill an emptiness. Teens who are workaholics may feel the need to work whenever they are not in school. This includes excessive studying. People who suffer from workaholism do not enjoy themselves when they are not working.