Thomas Jefferson

I am a Historian from the 1700's, they call me TJ for short. I am known for being the third President of the United States of America.

Born in Monticello, VA

I was born on April 13,1743

I love my grand kids, i have 12 of them and i absolutely adore each and every one.
I LOVE vanilla ice cream, i brought the recipe home from france.

The Election of 1800.......
Ahhh, i remember it like it was yesterday. See what had was, waking up that morning I was very nervous of how the election was gonna go. When i arrived at the election I had MAJOR butterflies in my stomach. I was going against John Adams. I knew this was gonna be a tough one, I wasn't sure of who was gonna win this one. When the election started federalist attacked me as an unchristian deist whose sympathy for the French Revolution would bring similar blood shed and chaos to the United States. Like, really guys? I strongly disagreed with the federalist but decided to keep my thoughts to myself. On the other side the democratic republicans denounced the strong central centralization of federal power under Adam's presidency. I sorta kinda agreed but didn't show my face. While they went back and forth i was hoping and praying i won the election. That's when they announced the winner, Thomas Jefferson, and that's when i knew i won and boys was i happy.

James Madison..
Thomas and i had a very balanced friendship, he was a very kind and respectful person buy i once told him a little rebellion wouldn't hurt anyone.

John Adams..
Me and Thomas had a very close friendship even though was running against each other in the election. I even gave him a funny nick name "long tom" HA we had some good times, and just because he won the election didn't mean anything he was still my BESTFRIEND.

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