Oregon Trail

By ALYShA c.

Your going to read about the about the Oregon Trail. The pioneers faced many hardships and challenges on their way, but they never backed down.


The pioneers had LOTS of supplies. They had to put food, water, clothes, valuables, and tools in one wagon. Usually, two oxen pulled the wagon. Sometimes though, horses or mules pull the wagon. They had to use pistols to kill animals.

Courthouse Rock & Jailhouse Rock

When the pioneers first started traveling on the Oregon trail the first two landmark they would see is Jail rock & Courthouse rock . looked like a courthouse and then jail was nearby so the rock near it was called Jailhouse rock. They can be found two miles south of Bridgeport,Nebraska.

Chimney Rock

The pioneers that traveled on the Oregon Trail thought that Chimney Rock was the most famous landmark on the trail. at end it is located at the of the prairie land. When the pioneers saw Chimney Rock they know it was a warning that the trip would get bumpy as they left the flat lands of Nebraska. Today it rises up  325 feet from top to bottom.

Why did they go to the Oregon trail?

Because gold,good land,adventure,Farming!

Hard ships

The river is one because when the animals across the rivers they can die because the river will be to deep like to there  head and they can die by across the rivers and if the rivers are to  hard to across.


when they made ti to Oregon they got their gold and beautiful land  adventure and framing.

Now they can framing  and they can do what they can get there gold.

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All the landmark they saw is Chimney rock it was the famous landmark