Book Report
Title : Encyclopedia Brown: Boy Detective
Author: Donald J. Sobol

Sahil Nilkanthache | 4th Grade | 28th Feb 2014

Introduction: This book is a fiction. This book has 10 mysteries that only one 10 year old boy can solve.

About the book: The setting of the story takes place in Idavllie. The main characters are Leroy Brown (Encyclopedia Brown), and Mr. Jones and his customers. Leroy Brown’s is only called his real name by his mom or dad or teachers everyone else calls him Encyclopedia Brown. His dad is the chief of the police. Case # 1: A business owner named Mr. Jones gets robbed. Mr. Jones sent the note to trick chief. It turns out Mr. Jones is the crook. Case # 2: Leroy starts a business. He can’t get a costumer. After two days of rain a costumer came, and said “some people took my tent’’. The tent’s ground was dry, but outside it was still raining. They said they found and put it up it this morning. The ground should have been muddy if they put it up today. So the tent was not theirs. Case #3: Peter asks Leroy if the civil war sword real or not. It was not real. The words on the sword said TO TOMAS J. JACKSON, FOR STANDING LIKE A STONE WALL AT THE FRIST BATTLE OF BULL RUN ON JULY 21, 1861. THIS SWORD IS PRESENTED TO HIM BY HIS MEN ON AUGUST 21, 1861. Case #5: Chief said 2 men had robbed a bank. The blind man traded the money bag for a food bag. The police caught the man with the food bag. They couldn’t have said he robbed the anything. Case #6: Someone had robbed the bakery shop. John made a 12 hour trip without stopping his nephew was on the hood bare footed then he would have been crying but he was happy laughing. So he stopped at the bakery shop to rob. Case #7: Mrs. Stark tried to steal a necklace from her roommate. First she hide the gun and necklace, and then she fainted. Case #8: Mr. Patch had a knife in his watermelon. One of the lion club members was the crook. It was Corky he said he had never seen that Knife before but he knew the size. Case #9: Billy stole Sally’s roller skates. He said he didn’t know who Dr. Wilson was. He knew 1) a man, not a woman 2) a dentist, not a doctor he gave himself away. Case #10: Eddie wins the egg rolling contests every single year. The trick is he uses a boiled egg, not a uncooked egg.

My Opinion: I would recommend this book to people who like mysteries that are interesting and intent to solve.

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