Modern-day Relevance

of Astrology

A Renassiance era star chart that was greatly influenced by Hellinistic culture.

In the Renaissance period, when the culture had distinct Hellenistic influences, there was a revival of court astrology and the art, once again, became popular. Many scholars of this time period used funds gained from astrology to pay for other endeavors. During this era, astrology gradually developed more into astronomy, a more scientific way of studying the stars.

Over time, horoscopes and zodiacs lost the majority of their influence on Mediterranean and European society, and astrology became, for the first time, distinctly superstition, and nothing else, which is how it is still regarded, for the most part, today. This ancient study, stretching back thousands of years into our history that once influenced the most powerful people and empire in all of history, is still around today, and the stars still retain their allure and mystery.

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