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  We need more activities in indoor recess

Do you know that indoor recess is not fun for some students? If the student don’t like indoor recess, they will just not do what they need to do because they can’t do what they want to do. We need more activities at indoor recess.

We need more activities in indoor recess because the game North South East West is getting boring. Also, I saw some people that aren’t enjoying the game. When they win the game they are not happy. We need some better games at indoor recess.

Also, people are unhappy at indoor recess. If students are unhappy at indoor recess, we might get in trouble. Some people were mad at indoor recess because they can’t get out and play outside. Sometimes, people hate recess because indoor recess is not fun because we do not have good games.

My last reason is people are not doing there’s jobs during at indoor recess. Also we don’t want them to talk over teacher and other students. Some people can’t play there’s favorite game during the recess time.

We can have daily 5 rotation or writing during the indoor recess time.

Sometimes,the student’s parents can take turn to guard us. We can play some math games or card games during the indoor recess.

I really think we need some new activities at indoor recess. Everybody can plan the new games for Grant Elementary School. It’s a great idea for students can bring some card games to school for indoor recess. We need more activities in the indoor recess.

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