Sui, Tang, and Song dynasty


The Sui dynasty had two great rulers, Wendi and Yang Di. They had a central government and a bureaucracy. The Sui also created a new legal code and had the grand canal.


The Tang dynasty had three great rulers, Taizong, Wu Zhao, and Xuanzong. Their capital was Chang'an and Luoyang, they centralizd on bureaucracy officials, and they had a flexible law code. The Tang had foreign affairs with Japan and Korea and made law codes about it. Japanese scholars came to study government and During Xuanzong's rein, culture flourished. Economy was good from foreign trade made exam for officials to pass. They also built schools to educate for civil service exams.


The Song dynasty's capital was Kaifeng and it was run by well payed officials that have to pass a difficult civil service test. They had artisans that excelled in making porcelain, they made gun powder, magnetic compass, and invented woodblock printing. Their culture was influenced by the Poet Du Fu who wrote poems about Confucian ideals and horrors of war and the Poet Li Bwrote who poems about friendship, joys of life, nature, and solitude. They also had the Artist Wu Daozi who painted murals celbrating Buddhism and nature.

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