Louisiana Tech University

Louisiana Tech is the home of the bulldogs and the college I would like to attend .Louisiana Tech University adheres to the equal opportunity provisions of federal and civil rights laws.your high school GPA on the Core class at least 2.5 with a minimum overall.Quarter system awarding semester hours. Three quarters (Fall, Winter, Spring) equals two semesters at other universities.Affordability:Approximately 71% of students receive some form of financial assistance. Tuition for Fall 2013 is $7,302 for state residents (9-month calendar) and $18,441 for out-of-state students (based on 10 hours per quarter - excludes summer school).Varsity Sports:16 varsity sports competing in NCAA Division I - Western Athletic Conference.Campus Community:Louisiana Tech's pedestrian-friendly campus centers around the Quad with its shady trees and the Lady of the Mist fountain. Ruston, a friendly southern town of approximately 22,000 is home to parks, lakes, and world-class mountain biking trails.Louisiana Tech University has a General Scholarship Program administered through the Division of Admissions, Basic and Career Studies. In addition, each of the five colleges (Business, Applied and Natural Sciences, Education, Engineering and Science, and Liberal Arts) has its own scholarship program. General admissions information will be forwarded to some colleges, but students should contact the individual department for additional requirements.


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