Heart Cancer and what it is.

cancer goes through a thing called metasis. It goes through metasis It has special needs.  Normal cells go through mitosis here is a rap video about mitosis

When a normal cell goes through mitosis its making more cells for you body and that is good and bad.  When a cancer cell goes through metasis That means it spreading

William Li seems to know something about stopping cancer he said that you could starve cancer by eating. I don't know what it means but lets find out.

This woman is talking about her heart cancer

Here is a doctor telling us about cancer treatments and side affects

Symptoms of heart cancer

The symptoms are loss of hair frequent chest pain and the cause is smoking and some are born with it.

Treatment options and side effects

They use radiation to kill cancer cells. This works but to much and you could get radiation poisoning

Chemotherapy stops cancer cells from reproducing and other cells from reprducing

Survival rate

The survival rate of cancer is 8.3%. Remission means The cancer signs go away

Prezi time

now here is my prezi about the cell cycle

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