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Facts About the T-Rex

Name Means  "Tyrant lizard" T-Rex is short for "Tyrannosaurus rex"

Type  Predator dinosaur

Lived When  (70 million years ago)

Weight  Up to 7 1/2 tons

Height  12-13 feet tall at hips (the hips would have been twice as tall as a tall man!

LengthUp to 43 feet

Weapons Massive jaws with 50 to 60 blade-like teeth, some up to 9 inches long!

Diet Meat

Habitat  Open woodland


T-Rex's head was about 5 feet long. Its skull had holes in it which made it lighter and easier to carry around.

T-Rex was one of the best known dinosaurs, but it didn't live all that long. T-Rex came along just before the dinosaurs became extinct.

You often see T-Rex pictures with his tail stretched out behind him. He did this for balance.

T-Rex had a very good sense of smell.

When T-Rex ran, he could go 20 miles per hour and could cover 15 feet in one step!