Domains and Kingdoms

By:Jenean Adi

Domain Archaea is a single-celled microorganisms.They are prokaryotic meaning they have no nucleus or any other membrane-bound organelles in their cells. They live in extreme enviroments.They are found in hot springs called thermophiles.  They are also unicellular and reproduce asexually. One last thing is that they can be heterotrophs and autotrophs.

Domain Archaea

Domain Bacteria

Domain bacteria is a prokaryotic cell. Its unicellular and can sometimes can be either hectotroph or autotroph. They also reproduce asexually.

Domain Eukarya

Domain Eukarya includes all eukaryotes. Its diverse group of organisms. There made up of eukaryotic cells.Its made up of 4 kingdoms.Most of them are multicellular.Thay can be made out of autotroph and hectotroph. Thay also reproduce asexually or sexually.

Kingdom Archaea

Kingdom bacteria is prokrayote cells. They are unicellular and  produce asexually. They can also be hectotroph or autotrophs.

Kingdom Bacteria

Kingdom bacteria is a prokaryote cell. Its also unicellular and produces asexually. It also can be hectotroph and autotroph.

Kingdom Protista

Protista is multicellular and unicellular. Its eukayotic which means it has a nucleus. It also can be hectotropic or autotrophic. Its produced asexually and sexually

Kingdom Fungi

Fungi can be unicellular and multicellular. They are also hectotrophs and reproduce asexually.

Kingdom Plantae

Plantae is multicellular and autotrophic. They can reproduce sexually and asexually.They are eukaryote.

Kingdom Animalia

Animalia is eukaryotic. Its also multicellular and reproduces asexually. one last thing is that its hectotrophic.

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