By Hailey Hawthorne

Basic Facts:

Population: 46.51 million people

National Languages include: Spanish, Aranese, Basque, Catalan, and Galician.

Capital City: Madrid

Currency: Euro (Picture below)

Neighboring countries: Portugal and France

Map of Spain

Three famous places

-Park Güell , Park Güell is one of the largest archetectiual works in southern Europe. It was originally a residential complex for six 60 luxury houses, but it is now a garden.

-Museo del Prado, Museo del Prado is an art gallery with over 7000 paintings, (although only around 1500 are on display). Located in the capital Madrid, it also has sculptures among other things. Picture below.

- Catedral and Giralda, Seville's cathedral is officially largest in the world by volume. It was used as a church until 1401, and, as legend had it, when it started decaying they decided to build it so big future generations would think they were insane.

Food and Drink

Albóndigas: Pork meatballs (doesn't have to be pork) in a casserole dish. (picture below)

Chorizo: Slices of smoked pork sausages heavily seasoned with paprika.

Morcilla: Spicy blood sausages with slices of bread.

Climate and Geography

Spain has flatlands surrounded by undeveloped hills. Inner Spain as hot summers and cold winters and by the costs cool cloudy summers with cool winters. The average temperature in January is 37 degrees Fahrenheit and in July 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

Local expressions: (Useful expressions for talking, picture below)

tio/a: a word used to refer to a person.

Picha: 'friend', what you call your friend(s)

A lo hecho, pecho: What is done is done.

tú no sabes ni torta: You have no idea.

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