Starts with "A"


Rise and Shine

1.) What actions did you run on your photos?

Friendship: Modfather and Sharpen.

Starts with "A": Copperfield and Sharpen.

Path: Retro Frost and Sharpen.

Rise and Shine: Color Pop and Daydream.

2.) Why did you run these actions?

Friendship: I used it because it made her face look darker which mad her look sadder.

Starts with "A": I used it because it made it look spooky.

Path: I used it because it made it look bright and like water falling.

Rise and Shine: I wanted the colors of the sun rise to pop so I used Color Pop.

3.) Which is your favorite photo? WHY

Starts with "A": because it fit the theme the best out of all of them.

4.) Which is your least favorite photo? WHY

Path: because of the background of the picture.

Rise and Shine