Bald Head Island

Joshua Anderson, Alex Smith, Daequanne
Case 8

Bald Head Island, has a channel that was created for ships to transport goods and for visitors to get their on ships. Although this channel brings money, it has advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages- The channel allows ships to pass through.

- Residents get permission to install groin fields because of there erosion.                

-It allows the Island to gain money.  

- Government cares for government owned land or will help owners sometimes during hurricane season.

Disadvantage- The water causes erosion.

-Landowners responsible for their own land.

-Attempts to prevent erosion can be expensive.

-Strong Currents

-What will happen if to shores if this erosion keeps happening?What do you think will happen longterm?

Residents already have permission to plant groin fields, soon residents will be forced to plant groin fields.As you can see in the picture the picture already has a small shoreline.

-What are people doing to try to slow down erosion?

Some people are attempting to grow vegetation to others are installing groin fields.

-What are solutions to shoreline erosion?

groin fields, moving away , bulk heads

For more info Bald Head Island is having a meeting about groin fields. The meeting happened Feb12. They are installing more groin fields now

NASA helps skim NC shores for damage. They want to find other solution to stopping erosion.


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Here are some groin fields.

The house above show high beach houses because they are so close to the shore due to erosion over years. As you can see they are very close to the water. The wave height can get high at times. In the picture before the one above you can also see foreshore in the middle of land.

  • Definitions
  • groin fields- groins running parallel to each other to slow down erosion
  • wave height- statistic of how high a wave can go.

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