What Are Spreadsheet

whats a spreadsheet?

A spreadsheet is electronic document in which data arranged in the rows and columns of a grid and can be manipulated and used in calculation

Designing a spreadsheet

Cell – individual locations on a spreadsheet

(intersection of a row and column)

Column— identified by letters of the alphabet (vertical)

Column A refers to all of the contents in a vertical range of cells in the first column of the spreadsheet.

Row— identified by numbers (horizontal)

Row 3 refers to all of the contents in a horizontal range of cells on Row 3

Similar uses of a spreadsheet

some type of a spreadsheet would be like a report card,Balancing a checkbook,§Calculating car loans

business uses for a spreadsheet

in a business you can use spreadsheet for Payrolls and Financial

Cell Specifics

Cell Range:

  • A4:A16 refers to a group of adjacent cells
  • A Range is a group/block of cells.
  • example: A6:E16 refers to a range of cells in a specific spreadsheet.
  • Cell Address: a specific location

  • Cell A4 = Cell address
  • It is the Column letter and Row number.
  • The cell address is also called the cell reference.
  • Active cell:

  • The cell that is selected
  • It is the cell that is ready to receive information