Platinum is the purest trade you can make

by Tyler F.

Platinum Pt

Hello, I am space commander Tyler.  I will be giving you advice on why you should take platinum on your journey to your new planet. Some properties of platinum are that it's ductile, malleable, and is unaffected by air and water. Ductile means able to be drawn out into a thin wire. Also malleable is an element whose properties are intermediate between those of metals and solid non-metals. Something unique about platinum is that this type of metal is unaffected by rain. Which is very unusual because most metals rust when they get rained on. Plus when platinum gets compressed into a different shape the metal neither cracks nor bends.

Good common uses for platinum are jewelry, surgical tools, glass, and electrical wires. Platinum is said to be the most valuable metal there is because of all the traits this element includes. Platinum is a  also transition metal.

Biological need= I gave platinum a 1/5 because it does not help you biologically.                                                                                            

Social need= I gave platinum a 5/5 because it is the purest and most valuable trade you can make .

Functional need= I gave platinum a 4/5 because platinum can be used as a tool and usually all types of tools are an everyday need.

Defensive need= I gave platinum a 3/5 because platinum is not really used for protection, but you can make this metal into a weapon along with other materials too.

Well I hope I have convinced you to take platinum with you on your journey, and remember trading always comes in handy.

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