Hi my name is Sacagawea I got famous because I help with the Lewis and Clark expedition.I helped get food for them so they would stay healthy and finish the expedition.I also helped by getting houses for Lewis and  Clark by speaking another language I new over 51 languages here are some interesting facts about me Sacagawea means bird woman or bird lady. Here one more fact about me my real name is bonia  but when the histiants stold me they named me Sacagawea I died 1884 in Fort Lisa


I was the first lady on the coin because

When I was on the expedition I saw my brother I haven't seen him in so long.
My baby went on the expedition with me Clark called him pompy
On the Lewis and Clark expedition I guide them to the wright places and showed them to them where they need to go.

I am going to tell you about myself. My date of birth is 1788. My place of birth is Slamon . my date of death  is 1884 my place of death Fort Lisa.

I was about 12/13 when the Histants stold me and they sold me to Toustant Chiarbonnia .A copple years later I got married to him we hade a baby named Jean Baptist. That's when I got on the expidtion so of corse I brang my baby Clark called him  pompy.

I helped with the expidion  by getting food for Lewis and Clark so they would stay heathly and finish the expidion.

I was best known for the first lady on the coin. I died 1884 in Fort Lisa.