Ashlynn's Self - Reflection

A Brief summary of my career interests

My Career Cluster Areas

My Career Clusters include:

Education and training- As a teacher you can influence young people's lives.You could support the work in a classroom and help kids out if they need help.

Key Interest Areas - SCR

S- Social people like activities that involve personal interaction with people such as helping. teaching, counseling, or otherwise being of service to others. social types prefer to work with people rather than working with objects, machines, or data

C- Conventional people are organizers. Personality traits are kind, Respectful, Caring, and Practical. You probably like working with numbers and are good at following instructions. You like working in structured situations with set goals and deadlines. Hobbies and career interests You are likely to be detail oriented and enjoy working with data. You are often good at following budgets, creating reports, and making sure that systems and projects work efficiently and effectively.

R- Realistic people prefer work activities that include practical, hands on problems such as designing, building, and repairing machinery. They tend to enjoy working outside with plants and animals or using tools and machinery. Realistic people usually prefer to work with things rather than people.

Careers I would consider Include: Registered nurse or a elementary teacher

My Personality Traits

My Personality traits include: Nice, Respectful, Caring, and Hard Worker

Careers I would consider include:Registered Nurse, Veterinarian, or elementary teacher.

My Strongest Skills Area

My strongest skills area includes: science

Most Important Values

My Most important values include:

Careers I would consider include:

What I learned about myself

By completeing this task I found out that I am more social than I thought I was.

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