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Gregory Goss on Political Climate

In his blog post, Latent Heat, which was posted on his blog site “Just Vote Them All Out,” activist Gregory Goss explains the physics of latent and rising heat, and how these concepts transcend into the political arena. In reference to President Barack Obama’s winning of his second term in office, the write has much to say about the issue by using an abstract metaphor.

“At or near sea level latent heat can be measured at the boiling temperature of water for a couple of mins. In other words the temperature of the water is at the boiling point but the water has yet to boil.

The general public is in a stage of latent heat. We just don’t quit know when we will boil. As far back as the summer of ’08 we started a campaign of We The People attempting to vet the one known as Barack Obama. Rumors abound as to where he was born, what were his grades in college, who knew him, and many more questions that were only not known but weren’t being asked.”

Gregory Goss has never been a fan of Barack Obama, even after the president started his first term back in 2009. He sees the leader as hiding too many things behind the veil, including but not limited to: a communist agenda, a lack of proper citizenship credentials, the behavior of a tyrant and his gun-running activities. This writer shows no slowing down in his pursuit of defending the Constitution against what he feels is a tyrannical administration.

Gregory Goss: Russian Affairs

Gregory Gross has many opinions about the state of affairs within the United States government, namely with the current U.S. President Barack Obama on a number of issues, however his foreign relations with Russia is one thing Mr. Gross likes to bring into question. In his political blog titled “Just Vote Them All Out”, he shares some of his views on how our relations with Russia were discussed in 2007, right as Obama was campaigning for his first presidential term.

“On March 26th, Obama’s conversation with outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev was accidentally picked up on an open microphone. “This is my last election…After my election I have more flexibility,” Obama told Medvedev, who said he would relay that message to the new Russian “president” Vladimir Putin. “On all of these issues, but particularly missile defense this, this can be solved but it’s important for him (Putin) to give me space.” (7)

Why would an American President need to secretly petition a notorious KGB thug for “space?” Because Vladimir Putin is aware of Obama’s criminal abuses of the United States and the American people. He has Obama by the throat, possessed of information which can put the Manchurian Candidate in prison for a lifetime. And he is using that information to literally blackmail the American president into betraying the U.S. and her allies around the world.”

Clearly, Gregory Goss was not happy about the ways in which this situation was handled, which has made him even more critical of other ways in which the standing U.S. President has conducted foreign affairs with other nations.

Gregory Goss gets out fishing enough to know all of the types of fish that are lesser-known in New Hampshire’s waters. With so many options available along the lakes, streams, ponds and other fresh bodies of water, there is much diversity in the area that enables a plethora of different fish species to breed and grow. Below, Mr. Goss shares what some of the lesser-known fish species in New Hampshire’s waters are, and how they keep his lines baited throughout the entire year.

Lake Trout

One of the most prized fish in all of New Hampshire is the lake trout. Lake trout are usually big and strong on the grand scale of freshwater catches, and can weigh up to around 10 pounds, and are also a great reason for people to go ice fishing in the wintertime.

Northern Pike

Northern Pike are a large and fast-growing prize fish that can only be found in a few select bodies of water across New Hampshire. A northern pike feasts on other fish, and are known to be a vicious predator. This makes fishing of northern pikes encouraged as it helps protect other fish species in those waters.


Walleyes can be found both in lakes and streams, however due to their nocturnal nature they are rarely seen during the day as thy retreat to deeper waters. Walleyes are seen as a prize fish because of their reclusive habits as well as their distinct and beautiful appearance whenever they do make an appearance.

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