Stop the Tap

BY: Robbie Ebeling

I know that sound
It sounds like a phone
My family and I are playing a game
We are laughing
having a blast
then tap tap tap
I look up to see 3 of my cousins
There faces are smiling  with a glowand its got a glow
They are texting their friends
It is as if the person on the other side of it is more important than family time
Its as if the person they see every day is more important than than their cousin
whom they only see 5 times a year
Its as though the millions of pixels that make up the screen are more important than me and are family game
I wish their phones would all die
Just for an hour or two
Just enough time to play a game and laugh and enjoy life like we use to as kids
But I guess those pixels have more meaning than me and the others
As if scrolling
and watching stupid videos
are more important than me and my familys game
I want them to notice me
I think we need should to stop focusing on all the screens
and start focusing on the people that love us
because when you're or down, angry, or depressed
Its not the phones that will be there to pick us up
Those pixels will not help us in our time of need
It is going to be the people that we love
but took for granted
and ignored
To play on our phones
So stop with all the pixels and the phones 
We need to communicate with each other like our parents and grandparents did before us
So stop with the tap tap tap
and get back to playing the game of life

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