My Awesome Summer

Jolena Y.

This summer was defiantly one of the best. From start to finish there was never disappointment. One of my favorite things was the 5k color run with my best friends Kylie, Chloe, and Tanner. There were tons of laughs and so much color in all of it. It was an unforgettable experience that will stay in my heart forever.

I also enjoyed going to Sequim with my family. It was so beautiful to see the cascades and the lavender festivals. While we were there we went to the zoo and saw a bunch of animals. It was awesome how almost all of them had been in Disney movies.

I didn’t do it much but softball is always a must for my summer vacation. I practiced hard with my dad and now I play varsity for the GMS team. I have been playing since I was nine and ever since then I lived for softball.

Hanging with my friends was one of the best times. My best friends and I went shopping for school together, went tubing, and of course embarrassed ourselves whenever we could. They know who they are and I couldn’t live without them.