My Favorite Season

By: Maddie Niemeier

In this season it looks like orange and reddish leaves are falling off of trees.There are leaves are all over the ground. The leaves are a very pretty. You smell mom baking pie. Turkey and mash potatoes filling up the house with a breeze of fresh air. Theres candy sitting in your treat bucket from Halloween. Baked pumpkin seeds that you just took out of the oven.

Whoosh I hear wind blowing through the windows through the house. The crunch of leaves when I walk outside. Birds are chirping and I hear creepy howls at night like some sort of wolf. When we go outside the next day we laugh and play until it’s time to come in. Vroom the neighbor is raking up leaves and with the big loud leaf blower they are blowing them into trash bags. Joy fills the air with laughter, happiness, and relaxation. When you eat dinner that night you feel fortunate for what you have. You are thankful for living in a sheltered home and having food on our tables. I hope you have a wonderful season and a great year ahead!

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