Alisa C.
#kettner #tech32

What is your greatest talent?

My greatest talent is goalkeeping in soccer. Thhis team is called Colorado Rush. This is our starting line up on my Colorado team before our game against a North Cal team. This Colorado team is ranked top 5 in the nation. I joined this team in August 2014, and ever since i've loved being a member on the team.

What place have you always wanted to travel to?

I have always wanted to travel to Hawaii. My parents might be taking us there sometime this year! Hawaii is such a beautiful place and I'm hoping it will be just as beautiful as the Bahamas!

What's the story your grandfather always tells you?

My grandfather always tells me this story of when he lived in Florida. One time he was home alone, this was when he was about 70 or so, he was in his house, and he had to go into the garage to get his golf clubs for something. When he went in his garage there was a 15 ft. alligator in there. He said he slammed the door and he tried calling animal control, 911, the fire department, etc.. No one wanted to help him with an alligator so he decided to call the local news and they came to his house! He told them he didn't want to be on tv so they just blurred out his face but he was telling the story and explaining to them what had happened and finally they got the alligator out. This isn't the best story, I know, but it's hilarious when my grandpa tells me it because of all the details he throws in there.

What song do you listen to on repeat?

The song I listen to on repeat is probably "All About It" by Hoodie Allen and Ed Sheeran.

How would other people describe you?

People would describe me as an outgoing, weird, nice (I hope), athletic, and possibly "photogenic" as you can see in this picture.(;

or maybe even this picture...

I live in Spokane Wa!