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Deep Blue NRG Group: Solar Thermal

Solar thermal systems pose some of the most promising renewable alternatives to traditional natural gas and electrical fuel sources. For residential applications, these systems are capable of providing 100% of the domestic hot water load, with excess energy routed to pool heating or space heating applications. Typically, these systems are used to offset between 50-90% of the incumbent water heating fuel source, depending on your latitude. The result is a super-efficient water heating system. For example, your incumbent 65%-efficient water heater, supplemented with a solar thermal system that provides a mere 60% of the load offset, would suddenly become over 150% efficient.

There are a number of government programs for this technology that make it a viable renewable energy source in a number of jurisdictions. Unfortunately, unlike its more popular cousin, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal technology has not received the recognition it deserves.

Solar thermal remains a nascent market with tremendous upside potential for residential, commercial and utility-based energy efficiency programs.

Deep Blue NRG staff can assist you with your water heating project, from building permitting support, to system certification, to contractor training. Deep Blue NRG has the experience in deploying solar thermal programs throughout North America and can be a valued partner in unlocking this technology’s full potential.

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