Book by J.H. Hunter
Book Report by Kristine Goertzen

Being surrounded by water but not being able to drink it is a paradox. But its true, and its especially true in this book.

Mrs. Bell and her two children, Robert Mary, board a ship going from the Barbados islands to New York, New York. They are taking a big risk doing this because it is during the war, and they have to pass through the "danger zone." As they were traveling, they were hit by torpedoes from an enemy ship. There were about 19 survivors, and they were all on one raft.

After a week of being on the water, a crew member and the captain died. The next week they were hit by a storm, but no one was injured. Then, they saw an airplane. But they didn't see them. Every plane that passed during that next week was oblivious to them. Except one, only one of the planes saw them, they dropped packages of food into the water and they all thought that they would be rescued. But they never were.

Another week went by and the raft was beginning to get weak. After three weeks of being on the sea, they saw a convoy of ships. One of the fighter ships started coming towards them, they were going to be rescued!! But then, it started shooting at them. Will they be ok? Will their raft sink? Will they be rescued?

Did the book have a good ending?

Yes, I think that the book had a very satisfactory ending. They all ended up being ok, and that was good.

What did you enjoy about this book?

I liked how this book explained all of the details that their journey had. It made me feel like I was there on the raft with them.

Why would you recommend this book?

I would recommend this book for anyone. It is suspenseful and makes you feel like you are part of the adventure.

What was the tone of this book?

The tone in this book was serious and hopeful. It made you feel like you were on the raft with them and you could feel their pain and hunger.