Persuasive essay

Imagine the world without good people? This world would be a mess. There would be a lot more deaths and crime involvement.

We need good people mainly for our safety. If there weren't any good people, there would be bad people and with bad people we don't feel safe. We need good people to create trust which is a key factor in life.

Our environment needs good people, other wise our world would be filthy and unhealthy to live in. Good people pick up trash off the ground even if they didn't leave it. People and our environment need good people.

Some will probably disagree and say that we don't need good people and that we cant change anything. That is simply and opinion and says a lot about who they are.

I couldn't imagine the world with out good people. I want to feel safe, live in a clean environment and feel good abo0ut my self. the world needs good people

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Letter of recommendation

To whom it may concern

   I would like to recommend Andrea Vazquez to be apart of your association. She is a very hard and responsible worker. Anything you ask she'll do. She is a creative worker. She will get the job done. You will not regret adding Ms. Vazquez as one of your employees. She works well under pressure and is fit for the job.


Diamar Salazar


Phone number: (210) 789-9006                                                                         Address:302 Edward Nicholas rd.                       


My objective is to become a homicide detective. I want to be able to solve things. curiosity kills.


Base Elementary (7 years) Hernando Middle (3years) El Dorado High (4 years)


Cashier experience as well as dealing with food.


  • public speaking
  • fast learner
  • winging
  • problem solving

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