Juan Peron
by Lauren Morel

1) Juan Peron Great Leader of Argentina:

Juan Peron was born October 8, 1895 in Labos, Argentina and died July 1,1974 in Buenos Aires. At age 16 he went to military school where he became a military officer. During his life span he was also a politician and he was elected 3 times as president of Argentina. During WWII he led a group of Army Colonels who seized power in 1943 which eventually led to an outstanding victory for Peron in the 1946 elections. Earlier on in his career Juan served as an attache to Chile where he went to Italy and observed the Fasicist State in 1938-1940. In 1941 he returned to Argentina where he joined a secret group of military officers called "Grupo de Oficiales Unidos".

2) Audio/Visual/Artistic Element

During his career, Juan Domingo Peron had overthrown Argentinas weaker government to provide the people with a man willing to help out everyone. He curried the favor of the working class in Argentina at the time and fell in love with Eva Peron. When Juan was arrested in 1945 Eva had called on the people of Argentina to come to his aid and force his release. Half a million workers cheered to release Juan Peron which showed how dedicated his people were to him. After his release in nationalized businesses he gave women the right to vote and instituted many public works programs but opposition was NOT tolerated.

3) Tanka Style Poem

Juan Domingo Peron:

Juan Peron Leader

Fought For Us For Over Ten Years

Best Leader Ever

Argentinians Thank You

Working Class Represented

4) Essential Question

Who was Juan Domingo Peron and how was he successful in making his reign the best years in Argentinian History?