Online Safety

Lakota D. Urbauer

Lakotas 5 Online Safety Tips.

1. Keep Your Password Secret.

Don't tell anyone your password, Keep it in a safe place. You can tell a trusted adult. Even if someone is your best friend don't tell them your password things could go wrong.

2. Be Nice.

When online you should be nice, like in real life. If someone is being rude online, either you can tell an adult or you can report them yourself on the site.

3. Don't Talk To Strangers.

If you dont know them in real life you shouldn't talk to them. They may not be who they say they are.

4. Don't Respond.

If someone you don't know is messaging you then don't respond or tell a trusted adult. Also if you are getting bullied online then save the evidence- if you can screen shot the message and don't respond and adult will handle it.

5. Stay Safe

Use your brain and think before you post anything you might regret later on. Some times you can just be messing around and post some thing and then you might think later on that it probably might not be a good idea.

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