Lucian Swarte

With His Business Called 'Monkey Stuff'

The phenomenal Lucian was determined to sell monkeys since he showed a lot of commitment to Artis Zoo in Amsterdam to help them out taking care of the monkeys.

He showed a lot of initiative by teaching the monkeys tricks and also give them responsibilities and jobs, like a cleaner or a farmer. He was being pro-active by using the monkeys to clean his house or take care of other nasty jobs. He wasn't being a self-starter, because he was letting the monkeys decide what he should do in live by letting them point at several ideas which are written on a chalkboard. They don't know what they are choosing, but it is an example of taking risks and making decisions without having judgements about the choices.

The monkeys were very good at taking risks, for example if it was a cooking monkey, and it lost his recipe, it would just follow his intuition and just put some random stuff in the food, while still making it taste good in a special way.

This is an example of what Lucian does with the monkeys and how he is making billions by selling monkeys which have specific skills.

He is one of the most richest people nowadays, and he stored all his money in his own bank, called 'The Monkey Bank', where monkeys take care of the money and also count it. He calculated that he would double his money if he would start to learn the monkeys to talk. He already started to let other monkeys create lessons and brain-washing machines to make the monkeys able to talk.

But it doesn't work all the time, because some monkeys go ballistic and have to be put in jail for doing criminal stuff.

The End.

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