Chapter 3 Software Summary

What is Sofware?

An application is a software designed to carry out a real-world task.
A software is a program which runs on a computer.
A program is a stored set of instructions for a computer to execute.
Software is written by programmers using programming language.
A programming language is a way of writing instructions for a computer to execute.
System software is software that is written to control and make use of the hardware.
The operating system is a large collection of programs that tells the hardware what to do.
Self-booting is the ability to for a program to load itself.
Command line the place where typed commands are given to the operating.
GUI= Graphical User Interface which is a user interface that makes use of icons for interacting with the user.
Software can be classified as system software and applications.
Operating system control the hardware and provide an interface for humans and applications.
Applications do the real-world jobs that we require.
Software is produced using other system software.
Software may be proprietary and paid for, or open source and freely available.
Firewall is a software that limits access to and from a computer system.
Utility software is a small program designed to carry out a limited maintenance task.
Assembly language is a low level programming language that uses mnemonic codes and each instruction corresponds to just one machine operation.
An assembler is software that translates assembly language code into machine code.
Machine code is instructions in binary used by the CPU.

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