The most important place to me

The best place on earth

The best place on earth is a place that can be simply described as a place many don't go to see. This place is got things in it that most have never seen before not even in their dreams. Everything there can help you or hurt you its all in how you treat it.

This place isnt a video game by any means. Some can survive off it and some let it survive off of them and for them that usually ant good. If you mess up here it could mean life or death. Some will know what im talking about but most will have no clue. Between the grass and water and the trees you can be simply lost some will find there way back but guys like me like it too much to try to come back. Time in this place flies by but theres time it drags on and on. From the glare of the water in your eyes to the wind to you face ground to sky this is by far the best place ever.In this place theres creepy crawly things, animals with 2 and 4 legs and some with none, birds and fish. Theres places like this all over the world but the best one is by far the one at home. This place is the only place you can find trees, water, and grass and all kinds of different creatures.

most important person

The Most Important Person

The most important people in my live would have to be mom dad and courtney by far. Mom and Dad are important to me because without them I wouldn't be alive or where I'm at in life right now and that's were Courtney comes in she is by far the best thing that has happened to me. To me these three people have built me and made me who i am. Me and my parents might not see eye to eye all the time but we get along for the most part. Courtney has been the best thing that has ever happened to me from the beginning and always will be. They have all been there for me no matter what i have did or what has happened. Good or bad they always know just what to say and or do and for that they are the most important people to me. Dad can be a ass hole from time to time but he'd do anything for me. Mom is the type of mom to just let it slide as long as you told her what you were doing and you weren't stupid about it. Courtney is perfect shes just like em both.

the most important thing to me

The most important thing to me

The most important thing to me is people by far.This is a very wide load to carry but its well worth it. This topic is extremely broad but can be very narrow at the same time it all depends on the person that is talking about it. This topic has everything in it from family to friends to the people that you just can't handle or also known as your enemies.The people that I care about the most are my mom and dad and Courtney. These people are everything to me sometimes we get along with each other and other time we can't stand each other. These three people are by far the nicest people that have ever walked the earth. They all would give you the shirt off their back and the roof over there and food off the table if you simply asked. The reason that people are so important to me is because without them this world would be pointless and extremely hard and challenging. I don't know what i would do without them life would be hell.

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