Contemporary Art

Post World War II/1960s - Present

✁ Contemporary Art is generally modern art. Not limited to just painting several Contemporary artists use: Photography, embroidery, sculpture, etc.

✁ "Contemporary" means "occurring at the same time". This means that if a work is created in the 2000s, it is contemporary to that time, like how Pop Art was contemporary to the 1950s.

✁ Contemporary Art spans over six decades of art. To truly understand it, one must study the various "isms", which is to say Futurism, Cubism, and the like.

✁ Renewal is a theme often seen in Contemporary Art. The photo of Anna Pavlova, the famous dancer you see above, was sewed on and retouched by artist Jose Romussi. The string is meant to emphasize the frills of her tutu, and the bold colors pop from the black and white photo.

✁ Contemporary Art is often called the Art form of the 21st Century, as the culture now is so diverse and modern. These days, one can easily do several art forms, unlike before, where one art form was designated to a certain time period. [eg. Pop Art - 1950s only]

✁ To learn more about Jose Romussi and the rest of his "Dancer Series", click !

Work used above: "Anna Pavlova" by Jose Romussi Murphy, part of his Dancer Series, 2011

[By Sophia Cruz, other artforms by Rendell Uy and/or Monika del Rosario if stated otherwise]