Good Digital Citizenship

                                      How can you be a good digital citizen?

When you're online,think about digital citizenship. Digital citizenship is being respectful and responsible online. There are lots of ways to being a digital citizen. One way is not to be a cyber bully. A cyber bully is someone who bullies online. There are lots of ways to cyber bully whether on chat or text. Cyber Bullying hurts the same as face to face bullying. If you are ever cyber bullied keep the email or text for evidence. Another way to be a good digital citizen is to keep your identity a secret. Don’t put up any pictures of yourself that are embarrassing or personal. A good way to remember keeping your identity a secret is to think about giving your information out to random people because basically that's what you're doing. One more way is to stay safe online. Ask your parents before you go on a website. Also be careful around strangers. So when your online be a digital citizen.

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