Writing Journal 31\03\14

Dear Mr. Jairo,

I really like the story so far. I have really good ideas to continue the story. And I keep thinking in the way to introduce the second main character. Well thanks! Now  thought this could be Paul.

Chapter 5

The dining room was buzzing with voices. I honestly wasn't paying attention, nor did I want. I was in my own little world. The conversation going on in my table wasn't interesting at all until they mentioned some names. I pinched Paul in his arm.

“What’ya talking about?” I whispered.

“Which family we want to guard.”

I looked at him confused.

“How come all of you know the families?” I asked.

“Elizabeth gave each angel a paper with names two weeks ago. We had time to study them and see how they are,” a girl said.

“Did they” I said confused.

They all nodded. And just then I figured out that mom just had forgotten to give it to me.

“Mom must’ve forgotten,” I told them

They just nodded. While we were there I was told that every angel wanted to guard the Steele family. Why? Well apart from the fact that they are the biggest family, they are also ‘good looking’ and they are the family that is in charge of this town. They say that maybe there are going to be two angels appointed to them.

I walked towards the meeting room with Paul. I could tell he was nervous by the fact that he was sweating. And believe me its hard to get angels to sweat.

We sat in the left side of the room and Elizabeth began speaking.

“Well I talked with the council and decided that the pairings will be chosen by the Sapientes Ligno.”

Elizabeth took out a tree that was at least seven feet big. It was bushy and it had an Indian green that seemed to glow.

Elizabeth stood in front of it and blew air. Leaves blew all around her. And then they stopped.

“Alexa Darkman,” a blonde girl stood up, “Collins family.”

Everyone cheered and then the claps died away as the next person was chosen. I spaced out until I heard mom’s name.

“Jasmine Rays: Colton family. And lastly Paul Ravenswood. You have the…..”

Paul kept muttering ‘the Steele’s, the Steele’s’ all over again and again.

“Hayes family.”

Paul looked kind of disappointed, but he kept smiling.

“Well that’s everyone. Thank you for your patience. Now remember…”

Paul looked at me and raised his eyebrows. ‘What about you?’ he mouthed. I shrugged. Elizabeth walked forward. Suddenly we heard the wind blow. We looked at the tree. It looked like it wanted to get something out of it but couldn't. Elizabeth ran to it and blew. The leaves swirled around her traveling in the room. They turned into a bright apple green glowing color. A leave landed on Elizabeth’s hand, and she read it.

“Violet Rays please stand up. Violet Rays?”

“Who the hell is Violet Rays?” asked Paul.

I didn't respond I was way to stunned. Why was she calling my name? What did I do?

“Violet Rays” she demanded one more time.

I stood up shaking. Every head turned in my direction.

“You’re up to the Steele family.”

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